Academic Programe

Scholastic – The School follows curriculum aligned to the NCERT. The emphasis is on critical thinking and problem solving. Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspective within each subject.

High spirited participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, debates, projects, presentations, dramatics, is the most encouraged approach of learning at S.V.E.I.

Pre-Primary Level-

  • Focus on Physical, emotional and intellectual growth
  • Importance to physical fitness and constructive socialization
  • Emphasis on listening and speaking skills
  • Lot of scope for creative play and expression
  • Planned activities for conceptual learning
  • Importance given to good habits and self identity
  • Develop fine motor- skills through indoor and outdoor activities
  • Festival celebration, storytelling, poem recitation, singing, dancing, drama, art and craft are some of our approaches
  • Assessed on classroom work, worksheets, small tests and observation

Primary Level-

  • Curriculum here is in NCERT framework
  • Introduction to the world of Integrated knowledge
  • Strengthening the students aptitude in the core subjects- Languages(English, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit)Mathematics and Environmental Science
  • Interactive teaching methodology
  • Vigorous physical training to develop agility and fitness
  • Through Music, dance and art we create an awareness and appreciation of the creative forms
  • Wide range of classroom activities to hone their skills

Middle School & Secondary School-

  • Curriculum here is in NCERT framework
  • Rigorous academic programme
  • Deeper experiential learning of concepts
  • Motivate the students to set personal academic goals
  • Promote independent self learning
  • Instil self discipline, right attitude and values
  • Building self esteem and self respect
  • Students are encouraged to question, analyse, problem solve and create
  • Collaborative learning, projects and experiments are the unique approaches