Co-Scholastic -

The development of Co-Scholastic aspects of the personality such as life skills, attitudes and values, participation in Co-Curricular activities as well as Health and Physical Education play a very crucial role in building the personality of the child. We conduct co-Scholastic activities also as diligently as we do academics.

Life skills and Value Education -

Training in life skills enhances the student’s personal and social qualities. All through the academic programme whether during the Scholastic or Co- Scholastic activities the teachers monitor and work towards the improvement in Thinking skills, Social skills and Emotional skills.

The assessments are done on the three parameters of Participation, Interest and Motivation.

House System & Students Council -

School has established House system to foster a spirit of co-operation and healthy competition. Regular House wise CCA Competitions with in the class enhances their confidence level and ensures participation by all. Students taste triumph as well as know defeat through these intra mural competitions.

The houses are Vasantha, Greeshma, Hemantha and Shishira. These houses signify the seasons and their wonders. An efficient Students Governing Council is a strong backbone of any school. To promote leadership qualities and sharpen their team building skills we have a Student Council which has a term of one year and then re elections are done. Students are introduced to the democratic principles through this activity.

Yoga -

Yoga is not just series of exercises; it is a way of life. It trains the body and mind and guides it towards self discipline. Yoga is a very integral part of S.V.E.I . We train students to participate in National level Yoga championships.

Dalai Lama believes that if every 8 year old child in the world is taught meditation the violence present in the world can be eliminated. Every day at S.V.E.I., begins with a meditation session guided by Omkara.

Karate -

Karate is another dynamic martial art form and we at S.V.E.I believe that everybody must be equipped with the basic self defence tactics. Karate is offered to students as an option.

School Band -

S.V.E.I. Public School is the proud owner of a wonderfully disciplined school band where in children keep moving in from 7th Grade onwards based on their choice of instruments.

Festivals and Celebrations -

With the aim to help students to realize the importance of festivals and celebrations in our life S.V.E.I. celebrates some festivals in grand manner at school. Children enthusiastically look forward to such celebrations.

Field Trips and Tours -

Regular Field trips and tours are planned to provide diverse learning experiences inside and outside the school. Every class gets an opportunity to go out with friends and teachers.

Clubs -

Regular Field trips and tours are planned to provide diverse learning experiences inside and outside the school. Every class gets an opportunity to go out with friends and teachers.School has started four clubs for different age groups to provide extended learning activity to develop their interests in different fields. The clubs are Music Club, Science club, Nature club and Literary club.

Sports and Physical Education -

The commitment of ensuring holistic development of the child has enabled the school to provide lot of importance to the physical well being of the children. Different sports and games have occupied their proud place in our curriculum. Apart from regular physical training students are prepared for various games like kho-kho, throw ball, volley ball, football etc.

Art and Craft -

In S.V.E.I. we believe that by engaging students in creative art activities we can enhance their academic backup and facilitate their interest in learning. Regular art and craft work makes learning more effective, polishes their creativity, sharpens the fine motor skills and develops quality of aesthetic appreciation.

Bhagavad-Gita -

S.V.E.I. has compulsory Sanskrit language learning in the Primary classes and learning of The Bhagavad-Gita is also integrated in this. The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of Spiritual wisdom from ancient India.