A School must provide its students the right environment for holistic development, where the children are empowered and encouraged to identify their potential and pursue their goals. S.V.E.I. PUBLIC SCHOOL is proud to declare that their management have always been thoughtful and progressive in that direction.

S.V.E.I. PUBLIC SCHOOL is a resonating name in Mysore today. Due to its idyllic ambience; aesthetically designed campus, state of the art infrastructure, skilled and committed staff, diligent students and encouraging parents, it is one of the most sought after schools in Mysore. All this was possible only with the unstinting support of the benevolent and supportive management of S.V.E.I. The dynamic and enterprising management members of S.V.E.I. are:

Visionary Founders of S.V.E.I

Sri. M K Potharaj
Hon. President
Sri. K M Rajashekar
Hon. Vice President
Sri. B Shivalingappa
Hon. Secretary
Sri. T Prabhakara Shetty
Hon. Treasurer

Board Members

Smt. Komala Potharaj
Smt. Shobha Rajashekar
Smt. Nagarathna Shivalingappa
Smt. Nuthan P Shetty